Reverse Proxy Tomcat for easy HTTPS

How to use DSM 6 reverse proxy for easy HTTPS access to Tomcat

After having written abundantly about the problems I faced when updating my DiskStation to DSM 6 I am now happy to write about the new features of Synology’s latest OS version. In particular the Let’s Encrypt integration and the ability to configure a reverse proxy right from the GUI.
If you are interested in how to combine these features to easily set up HTTPS access to your Tomcat 7 (and potentially other application servers) on your DiskStation, this if for you. Continue reading “Reverse Proxy Tomcat for easy HTTPS”

DSM 6 Adventures: Fixing Piwik

How to fix Piwik after updating to DSM 6

I was and still am using Piwik to track my blog’s visits. However, updating to DSM 6 messed with the Piwik installation and I had to tinker a little to get it back running. If you care how I restored Piwik after the DSM 6 update, read on.
Continue reading “DSM 6 Adventures: Fixing Piwik”

DSM 6 Adventures: Restoring Tomcat

The Tomcat configurations you can lose during the DSM 6 Update

Finally here it is, the third post in my DSM 6 Adventures series.
I described what went wrong during the update and the required steps I took to get this blog up and running again.
This time it is Tomcat’s turn. In case you run Tomcat 7 and plan to update to DSM 6, read along and prepare to backup some configuration files. Continue reading “DSM 6 Adventures: Restoring Tomcat”