Enjoying automatic Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal

It is when you start your weekend and notice that your certificates expired, that you start spending your free time on things you actually don’t want to do.
It is when using DSM’s Let’s Encrypt support and a reverse proxy approach for Tomcat, that you actually get to enjoy a sunny Saturday, while your certificates get updated automatically and everything keeps on working without your intervention.
Technology… it’s a good thing ūüôā

Reverse Proxy Tomcat for easy HTTPS

How to use DSM 6 reverse proxy for easy HTTPS access to Tomcat

After having written abundantly about the problems I faced when updating my DiskStation to DSM 6 I am now happy to write about the new features of Synology’s latest OS version. In particular the Let’s Encrypt integration and the ability to configure a reverse proxy right from the GUI.
If you are interested in how to combine these features to easily set up HTTPS access to your Tomcat 7 (and potentially other application servers) on your DiskStation, this if for you. Continue reading “Reverse Proxy Tomcat for easy HTTPS”

DSM 6 Adventures: Fixing Piwik

How to fix Piwik after updating to DSM 6

I was and still am using Piwik to track my blog’s visits. However, updating to DSM 6 messed with the Piwik installation and I had to tinker a little to get it back running. If you care how I restored Piwik after the DSM 6 update, read on.
Continue reading “DSM 6 Adventures: Fixing Piwik”

DSM 6 Adventures: Restoring Tomcat

The Tomcat configurations you can lose during the DSM 6 Update

Finally here it is, the third post in my DSM 6 Adventures series.
I described what went wrong during the update and the required steps I took to get this blog up and running again.
This time it is Tomcat’s turn. In case you run Tomcat 7 and plan to update to DSM 6, read along and prepare to backup some configuration files. Continue reading “DSM 6 Adventures: Restoring Tomcat”

DSM 6 Adventures: Restoring WordPress

What I did to restore my WordPress blog after the DSM 6 Update

In my previous post I described the obstacles I encountered after updating to DSM 6.
This post is supposed to be a quick summary of the steps I took to get this blog up and running again.
If you have ran into WordPress issues due to the DSM 6 upgrade and hope to solve them¬†by following these steps, please check my last¬†post first and make sure that you actually have the same problem I described. Continue reading “DSM 6 Adventures: Restoring WordPress”

DSM 6 Adventures: Explosive Update

My experience upgrading a DS214play from DSM 5.2 to 6.0

I actually planned to make my next post about setting up Synology’s Directory Server on DSM and use it for authentication with GitBlit, but as John Lennon once said:

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans

And so it happened that DSM 6 was released.
I thought I just update to the new version real quick, enjoy some new features and go on with the plans I have for my home lab, but things went down a very different road. Continue reading “DSM 6 Adventures: Explosive Update”

Turn your DiskStation into a self-hosted Git server

One of the things I almost instantly wanted to do after purchasing my DiskStation was to use it as a private Git server. I thought I was in luck when I saw that Synology offers a DSM package for Git, but it turned out this is too basic for my taste.
The good thing is, since I now have HTTPS accessible Tomcat¬†running on my DiskStation¬†I can easily install and run¬†GitBlit. So let’s turn our DiskStation into¬†a private, HTTPS accessible, collaboration friendly Git server! Continue reading “Turn your DiskStation into a self-hosted Git server”

HTTPS for Tomcat 7 with Let’s Encrypt

In my last blog post I described the benefits of HTTPS and how to set up your Synology DiskStation to use HTTPS with a trusted certificate from Let’s Encrypt. However I am also running Tomcat 7 on my DiskStation, which is also¬†accessible from the internet. Needless to say, I want¬†to secure access to Tomcat, too. If you run Tomcat yourself and want to set it up for HTTPS, this is for you. Continue reading “HTTPS for Tomcat 7 with Let’s Encrypt”

Get HTTPS on DiskStation with Let’s Encrypt

From the moment I got my DiskStation and made it available online, I wanted to try¬†HTTPS. Organizations that issue¬†certificates to use for HTTPS free of charge have been around for a while now (like StartSSL).¬†However you need to own a domain and I use DDNS, but thanks to Let’s Encrypt I can finally get a certificate to secure the communication to melo.myds.me with HTTPS!
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