Integrating GitBlit with Directory Server

Make use of DSM Directory Server as Gitblit authentication provider

I did describe how to turn your DiskStation into a self-hosted Git server in the past, but I wanted to push things a little further and so I started experimenting with DSM’s Directory Server. Read along to find out how to manage users in Directory Server and set it up as authentication provider for GitBlit. Continue reading “Integrating GitBlit with Directory Server”

Turn your DiskStation into a self-hosted Git server

One of the things I almost instantly wanted to do after purchasing my DiskStation was to use it as a private Git server. I thought I was in luck when I saw that Synology offers a DSM package for Git, but it turned out this is too basic for my taste.
The good thing is, since I now have HTTPS accessible Tomcat running on my DiskStation I can easily install and run GitBlit. So let’s turn our DiskStation into a private, HTTPS accessible, collaboration friendly Git server! Continue reading “Turn your DiskStation into a self-hosted Git server”