Quicktip: If your DS Apps on Android can’t connect anymore

Last week I was surprised to see that the DS apps on my Android phone weren’t able to connect to my DiskStation anymore.
I found out that the latest update to my DiskStation is to blame.
Version DSM 6.0.2-8451 broke the ability to connect to your DikStation through HTTPS for all Android DS apps, except DS Photo.
In the Synology forums people reported that disabling HTTPS/2 support solves the problem.
So in case you experience the same issue just go to Control Panel > Network > DSM Settings and disable HTTP/2 until Synology releases an update to fix this.

UPDATE: Synology released DSM version 6.0.2-8451-2 on the 6th of October. Although there is no mention in the release notes, this update solves the connection issue the Android DS apps encountered since the last DSM udpate. So go ahead an activate HTTP/2 again =)

Enjoying automatic Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal

It is when you start your weekend and notice that your certificates expired, that you start spending your free time on things you actually don’t want to do.
It is when using DSM’s Let’s Encrypt support and a reverse proxy approach for Tomcat, that you actually get to enjoy a sunny Saturday, while your certificates get updated automatically and everything keeps on working without your intervention.
Technology… it’s a good thing ūüôā

Reverse Proxy Tomcat for easy HTTPS

How to use DSM 6 reverse proxy for easy HTTPS access to Tomcat

After having written abundantly about the problems I faced when updating my DiskStation to DSM 6 I am now happy to write about the new features of Synology’s latest OS version. In particular the Let’s Encrypt integration and the ability to configure a reverse proxy right from the GUI.
If you are interested in how to combine these features to easily set up HTTPS access to your Tomcat 7 (and potentially other application servers) on your DiskStation, this if for you. Continue reading “Reverse Proxy Tomcat for easy HTTPS”

HTTPS for Tomcat 7 with Let’s Encrypt

In my last blog post I described the benefits of HTTPS and how to set up your Synology DiskStation to use HTTPS with a trusted certificate from Let’s Encrypt. However I am also running Tomcat 7 on my DiskStation, which is also¬†accessible from the internet. Needless to say, I want¬†to secure access to Tomcat, too. If you run Tomcat yourself and want to set it up for HTTPS, this is for you. Continue reading “HTTPS for Tomcat 7 with Let’s Encrypt”

Get HTTPS on DiskStation with Let’s Encrypt

From the moment I got my DiskStation and made it available online, I wanted to try¬†HTTPS. Organizations that issue¬†certificates to use for HTTPS free of charge have been around for a while now (like StartSSL).¬†However you need to own a domain and I use DDNS, but thanks to Let’s Encrypt I can finally get a certificate to secure the communication to melo.myds.me with HTTPS!
Continue reading “Get HTTPS on DiskStation with Let’s Encrypt”